Six Battlefields

Six Battlefields

Die Schlacht um den Kunden wird auf 6 Battlefields entschieden. Stärken und Schwächen sind die kriegsentscheidenden Waffen und jedes Battlefield erfordert eine andere Strategie und Taktik. Mehr dazu finden Sie unter Publikationen, White Paper.
„Taking sales to a higher level

„Taking sales to a higher level"

Mit rund 400 Mitarbeitern in 40 Ländern analysieren wir Absatzsituationen, entwickeln gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden leistungsfähige Vertriebskonzepte und optimieren Verkaufsprozesse. Anschließend begleiten wir die Umsetzung mit Trainings-und Coachingmaßnahmen.
Auszeichnung 2016: Top 20 Sales Training Companies

Auszeichnung 2016: Top 20 Sales Training Companies

Zum fünftem Mal in Folge wird Mercuri International in die Liste der weltweit 20 besten Vertriebstrainings-Institute gewählt.

Taking Sales to a Higher Level

A need for real Sales Transformation

A need for real Sales Transformation

Mercuri International’s latest global research study shows how companies today face increasingly demanding and knowledgeable customers and that there is a need for a real Sales Transformation.

“Sales Managers and sales people must today far more master Assertive Selling and Consultative Selling skills. They must be able to analyse their customers’ and prospects’ buying journey and go through a real Sales Transformation when it comes to processes and practices to achieve their goals” says Nicole Dereumaux, CEO Mercuri International Group.

72% of respondents agree or strongly agree with that customers increasingly use news technologies to search information and evaluate alternatives, and 82% agree or strongly agree that customers are becoming increasingly demanding. 80% of respondents say they have already adapted their sales process to the purchase process of their customers, but previous research (CSO Insights’ report Sell Cycle Review Analysis in 2013) shows that companies still have problems with understanding their customer’s buying cycle. Only a small percentage of companies have this as a core competence and more than four out of ten businesses say that this is an area that needs improvement.

“Having a website, working with social media, using Google Adwords and practice banner advertising is not enough to meet today’s customers. Sales must instead work in a totally different way to sell to customers.” says Nicole Dereumaux, CEO Mercuri International Group.

The Sales Management study, based on interviews with 1.559 Sales Managers and CEO:s, also gives a number of benchmark figures for companies. It shows that on average companies:

  • Convert 1:3 proposals into orders
  • Get 14% new customers each year
  • Have 5-6 sales meetings per week per sales person
  • Get 7 orders per week

Facts about the study

Mercuri Interanational’s Sales Management study 2014 is based on phone interviews with 1.559 Sales Managers and CEO:s in 16 countries during March/April 2014. Industries covered in the study are Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction, FMCG and Durables, Finance & Professional services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical and IT/Telecom. 

For more information about the Sales Management study: [email protected].

Nicole Dereumaux, CEO Mercuri International Group 
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Mogens P. Danielsen, analyst and head of Mercuri International Research Institute 
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